Bacopa Caroline - unpretentious decoration of the aquarium

Bacopa Caroline is a very unpretentious long-stemmed perennial plant with bright and juicy leaves. Ideal for the beginner aquarist, also due to the fact that it grows well in both fresh and salt water, and also reproduces well in captivity. Description Bacopa Caroline grows on the Atlantic coast of America.

Diatoms - the worst enemy of the aquarium

Diatoms are an important element in the organization of the water system, which harmoniously combines the properties of animals and plants. A constituent is a diatom, which is a cell that is coated with a shell of silicon. Typically, this species of algae prefers a colonial life form.

Choose the most unpretentious aquarium plants for the aquarium

Having made the purchase of their first aquarium and even launched the first inhabitants into it, many beginner aquarists feel some kind of incompleteness when looking at it. And this is not surprising, given its empty and lifeless appearance, which cannot but rejoice. Therefore, beginners are trying with urgent measures to fill the resulting void by planting all kinds of vegetation, not really thinking about the possible consequences due to such rash actions.

Anubias: content in the aquarium and plant features

Fans of aquariums are often in search of beautiful and rare plants. But at the same time, they should not require particularly careful care and everything else that is connected with this. In this case, you should pay attention to Anubias. He has a lot of advantages, and his appearance is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.

Choose an unpretentious aquarium fern

Aquarium fern is used to create comfortable conditions for aquatic inhabitants - they feel more protected in an aquarium with aquatic vegetation. A vessel with green plants looks much more attractive than a vessel in which there is no greenery and all the inhabitants are in sight. The owners of the aquarium, beautifully decorated with ferns, mosses, flowering plants, enjoy, for fish, aquatic plants are additional sources of oxygen.

How to properly maintain an aquarium echinodorus

Echinodorus in the aquarium can be found in almost every lover of fishing. These aquatic plants gained such popularity for their picturesque species diversity, ease of breeding and ease of maintenance. But still, like any other plant, echinodorus love care and certain conditions, which we will discuss below.

Rotala indica: not a demanding plant for an aquarium

Rotala Indian - a plant of the Derbennikov family. Aquarists love it for its unpretentiousness to growing conditions and a beautiful appearance. Rotala happily grows in aquariums. The plant can also be found in greenhouses, in which there is high humidity. Today, there are several types of rotala, which can be distinguished by the number of available leaves.

Vallisneria spiral: description and types

In order to somehow revive the artificial pond and make it more similar to the natural environment of the inhabitants living in it, most aquarists use different vegetation. But it is worth noting that some species can not always create a favorable microclimate, but quite the contrary. Therefore, the ideal option would be to use unpretentious plants, one of which is spiral or tiger wallisneria, which will be discussed in today's article.

Moss ricardia in an aquarium

The beautiful green compositions that are found in each of the artificial reservoirs seen not only amaze the imagination with their sophistication and unique appearance, but also with bizarre shapes. And looking at such magnificence, it seems that to create it you need to have not only vivid imagination, but also great experience.

Aquarium plants and their role in fish life

It is difficult to imagine any design of an aquarium without such an important element as aquarium plants. And this is not surprising, because they are beautifully and tastefully decorated, they will not only become an excellent decoration of an artificial reservoir, but will also add to it an exquisite charm. And this is not to mention the fact that it is the plants in the aquarium that determine the internal arrangement of the vessel.

Mosses: photos of species with names

Decorating an aquarium is a whole art. And quite often situations arise when beautifully flowering plants acquired in a pet store not only take root poorly, but also lose their brightness at home. It would seem that the dream of creating a vibrant and memorable landscape came to an end.

Aquarium Plant Elodea

After acquiring an aquarium, most aquarists begin to think about what kind of vegetation is best to fill it with. And a great option would be a plant like an elodea in the aquarium, the photo of which is presented below. Consider what it is. Description By its type - this plant belongs to the family of water and red.

Ground-cover aquarium plants: what are they?

As a rule, thinking about acquiring an aquarium, the first thing that focuses on - of course, on fish. And how could it be otherwise, if, for example, when you visit a friend or visit some institution and see these wonderful inhabitants of the water depths swimming in an aquarium, your heart desires a great desire to create such beauty in your own home.

Artificial plants for aquariums

Before you start fish in the aquarium, you should take care to fill it. In addition to various coverings for the bottom, such as sand or stones, it is also necessary to provide your pets with various shelters in the form of houses and various types of algae. However, some fish like to enjoy the vegetation in aquariums.

Fertilizers for aquarium plants

Fertilizers for aquarium plants are truly important. By carefully studying all the offers available, it becomes possible to make the best choice and take care of the inhabitants of the aquariums. Why are fertilizers needed? Before you understand what is best used for fish, you need to deal with the tasks of using a variety of fertilizers.

Aquarium plant Schisandra

Each owner of the aquarium knows how important it is to give its interior design a lively and natural look. Here and the selection of stones and the formation of a sandy bottom, but the most important thing is the design of plants. One of the most popular plants used in the aquarium is the aquarium magnolia vine, or as it is also called direct nomafila.

Aquarium wavy krinum - amazing plant

Owners of large aquariums, talking about algae, most often mention krinum. However, not many people know that there are about 14 of its species, and these are only underwater. Outwardly, they may vary slightly, but the main feature of all these plants are: Many-bulbous bulbs; Powerful roots; Rigid and ribbon-like leaves.

How to plant aquarium plants

All aquarium plants are conventionally divided into three groups: rooted, bushy, and those that swim. Plants that receive nutrition through the root system need special planting methods. Such greens have developed roots and are most often found already rooted. Shrubs are sold without roots and need self-planting.

The ideal moss for the aquarium

The presence of a home reservoir with real plants allows you to bring natural comfort to the apartment. Of course, growing plants is a painstaking affair. It requires the creation of a special microclimate. To make the aquarium look like a real work of art, and not just a water surface with randomly planted thin branches of underwater plants, it is necessary to study the literature and fix everything in practice.

Cryptocoryne: photo of an aquarium plant

Cryptocoryne is an incredibly common plant in many aquariums. The reason for this was the unpretentious nature of the plant, as well as a huge species diversity. Fans of aquarium greens can boast dozens of varieties. However, to determine belonging to this plant is not so simple.