How to start a new aquarium?

In this article, we continue the discussion about installing an aquarium, which began with the article: Aquarium for beginners. Now consider how to properly install and run the aquarium without harming yourself and the fish. After all, starting an aquarium is at least half of a successful business. Mistakes made at this time can still interfere with the normal balance for a long time.

Aquadesign - a unique aquarium in your home

Maintaining aquarium fish at home is not so much troubles and problems as rest and enthusiastic activities. Watching them, it is impossible to take your eyes off, and by will the fantasy draws all kinds of options for decorating landscapes in the aquarium. Choose an aquarium, pour water into it, run a few fish - is that all?

How to choose driftwood and aquarium decor?

Aquarium with Malawians To create a healthy aquarium, it is important that the fish have a place to hide. Fish that live in an empty aquarium are stressed and sick. In most cases, stones, driftwood, plants, pots or coconuts and artificial elements serve as decoration and shelter. There is a huge selection of aquarium decorations that you can buy, but you can also do it yourself.

Catfish speckled - keeping and ear in an aquarium

Speckled catfish or speckled corridor (lat. Corydoras paleatus) is one of the most common and famous aquarium fish. This is a peaceful catfish, hardy and easy to breed. Contained in aquariums for more than 100 years, it was first opened in 1830. He is among the first fish that were managed to breed in captivity, the first fry were received in 1876, in Paris.

Black beard and other troubles

Algae grows in aquariums, in salt water and in fresh water, and this means that the aquarium is alive. Friends, beginners believe that algae are plants that live in an aquarium. However, it is aquarium plants that live, in algae these are undesirable and unloved guests, since they only spoil the appearance of the aquarium.

Aquarium and Fish Care for Beginners

Caring for an aquarium is like cleaning the house, the same simple rules to stay healthy and clean, and regularity. In this article you will learn how to properly care for your home aquarium, what are the important little things and how often to do it. Why do you need to siphon the soil? What cleaning products can be used?

Helena snail - useful or harmful?

The freshwater snail Helena (lat. Anentome helena) is a native of Southeast Asia, it is often called a predatory snail or a traitor to snails. Her scientific names are Anentome helena or Clea helena. This separation takes the basis of two genera - Clea (Anentome) for Asian species and Clea (Afrocanidia) for Afikan.

A guest house snail from the island of Sulawesi

Tylomelania (Tylomelania sp) is very beautiful, lively, and mobile, and this is exactly what you do not expect from aquarium snails. They amaze us with their shape, color and size, in these components they have no competitors in the aquarium. In recent years, a new species of snails has become sensational - Brotia, they began to gain popularity, but it turned out that they did not take root well in an aquarium.

Coil in an aquarium - benefit or harm?

Coils (lat. Planorbidae) are the most common aquarium snails. Their sink is of a classic shape, and the coil itself is quite beautiful, often it comes in different colors and sizes. They eat algae and leftover food, which are dangerous to the health of the fish. Also, horn coils serve as a kind of indicator of the quality of water in the aquarium, if they all rose from the bottom to the surface of the water, then something is wrong with the water and it's time to make changes.

Golden gourami - gold in your aquarium

Golden gourami is a very beautiful fish, which is descended from the classic form of gourami - spotted. The world first learned about it in 1970, when aquarists for a long time were engaged in selection and crossbreeding, while they achieved a stable and beautiful color of golden gourami. This type of gourami, like everyone else, belongs to the labyrinth, that is, they can also breathe atmospheric oxygen, except for dissolved in water.

Feed for aquarium fish fry

As soon as the eggs have hatched, you are just starting your journey in raising fish and raising fry. After all, raising a fry is often a more difficult task than getting a couple to spawn, and getting caviar is half the battle. On the one hand, the majority of cichlids and viviparous, give birth to fry large enough to immediately start feeding on artificial feeds, but the bulk of aquarium fish, for example pearl gourami, lalius, cardinals, marcropods give birth to a very small fry, which must be fed with the same small feed.

Congo fish - beautiful tetra

Congo (lat. Phenacogrammus interruptus) is a timid, but incredibly beautiful aquarium fish. Perhaps one of the most luxurious characins. The body is very bright, luminescent colors, and the fins are a gorgeous veil. Tetra Congo is a very peaceful, schooling fish that grows to 8.5 cm. For a flock of these fish you need a large aquarium so that there is free space for swimming, but in order for them to fully reveal their beauty.

Diamond tetra in the dark waters of Africa

Diamond tetra (lat. Moenkhausia pittieri) is one of the most beautiful fish in the family. It got its name for diamond ebb on the scales, which are especially beautiful in dim light. But for the diamond tetra to fully reveal its color, you have to wait, only adult fish are brightly colored.

Carnegiel Marble - a magnificent jumper with an unusual shape of the body

Carnegiel marble (Latin Carnegiella strigata) is one of the most unusual aquarium fish. The name of the genus Gasteropelecidae speaks about its appearance - which means “axoid body” or as it is also called wedge-bellied. A peculiarity of the genus is an unusual way of feeding - the fish jump out of the water and literally fly up into the air, working as fins like wings.

Pristella - beautiful, peaceful, unpretentious

Priestle ridley (lat. Pristella maxillaris) is a cute little haracin. Her silver body is almost transparent, and the dorsal and anal fins are painted with a yellow, black and white stripe. Aquarium fish pristella is an excellent choice for a beginner aquarist, it is very unpretentious and tolerates water of different parameters well.

Tetra von rio - an American with a German name

Tetra von rio (lat.Hyphessobrycon flammeus) or fiery tetra, shines with an extravaganza of flowers when she is healthy and comfortable in the aquarium. This tetra is mostly silver in front and bright red closer to the tail. But when something frightens Tetra von rio, she turns pale and shy. It is because of this that they do not buy it too often, since in the exhibition aquarium it is difficult for her to shine with her beauty.

Rhodostomus or red-nosed tetra - a frequent visitor in aquascapes

Rhodostomus or Tetra red-nosed (Latin Hemigrammus rhodostomus) looks very impressive in a common aquarium. This is a beautiful fish, with a bright red spot on the head, a tail fin in a black and white strip and a silver body. At the same time, the rhodostomus is a fairly small fish, about 4.5 cm, with a peaceful character, able to get along with any peaceful fish.

Black barbus - purple and black

The black barbus, or black puntius (Pethia nigrofasciatus) is not a very big fish, the males of which are very beautiful, especially during spawning. In its content, behavior and even body shape, it resembles its relative - the Sumatran barbus. Dwelling in nature The black barbus lives in the homeland in Sri Lanka, where once it was often found in the tributaries and upper reaches of the Kelani and Nivala rivers.