Fenech fox. Description, features, types, lifestyle and content fenka home

"Beware, foxes!" Usually such a sign is placed in zoos on cages with predators from the fox breed, knowing how cunning, insidious and unpredictable they are. "The tail is fluffy, the ears are on the top, it is looking affectionately, and it is sharpening its teeth." However, there is a small animal of the aforementioned genus, which can be called a fox only with a stretch.

Mouflon animal. Description, features, species, lifestyle and habitat of the mouflon

Description and features Mouflons are ruminants belonging to artiodactyls. They are relatives and progenitors of domestic sheep and sheep. Outwardly, the mouflon resembles the above relatives, but it has a number of distinctive features and features. So, the size of this animal can be less than that of a domestic sheep, not more than one meter in height and width, weight about fifty kilograms.

Baboon monkey. Description, features, lifestyle and habitat of the baboon

In nature, there are a huge number of interesting animals. Among them: monkeys, giraffes, hippos, iguanas, monitor lizards, exclusive species of insects. One of the monkey family is the baboon monkey. He is also called intellectual animals because of the desire to live in society. By their abilities, these primates are superior even to all beloved and famous chimpanzees.

Types of monkeys, their features, description and names

The animal closest to humans is a monkey. The intellectual abilities of this mammal are amazing. Scientists from different countries have been conducting research for many years aimed at analyzing the behavioral characteristics of these amazing creatures. Species of monkeys are classified by their habitat, the continent on which they live, and also by physique.

Alpaca animal. Alpaca Description, Features, Lifestyle and Habitat

The legend of the Quechua Indians, descendants of the Incas, says that once the goddess Pachamama descended to Earth. The progenitor of all people was accompanied by alpaca. The animal was chosen for its unusual shape, non-malignant nature and soft coat. The Indians appreciated the animal sent down by the gods. Most residents of the Inca Empire dispensed with llama wool.

Donkey animal. Donkey Description, Features, Lifestyle and Habitat

Donkeys are noteworthy because they look different in the eyes of people. Some consider them not savvy enough, others think that there are no animals wiser. For some, the donkey is obedient and meek, the rest say that the stubbornness of the donkey knows no limits. To find out the truth, you need to turn to reliable facts obtained by zoologists in the course of research.

Koala animal. Description, features, lifestyle and habitat of koalas

Description and features The wood animal koala is considered the personification of the whole continent - Australia, is found only on this continent and is closely associated with it. It has extremely interesting features of appearance and behavior. This is a medium-sized, dense creature about 70 cm tall, resembling a small bear in appearance.

Bat animal. Description, features, species and habitat of the bat

Description and features Life under the cover of night, the habit of hiding in hidden corners during the day and sleeping, hanging upside down, as well as other strange behaviors of these animals caused many myths and superstitions around their faces. In the past, they were considered vampires, and residents of past centuries were sure that they, as befits creatures of this kind, feed on the blood of people and other living organisms.

Coloring horses. Description, features and names of suits of horses

The color of a horse is not only the color of its coat, but also of its skin and eyes. The distribution of colors, their intensity, matters. Therefore, in addition to the main suits, there are ants. They are largely due to genetics. Therefore, the color of horses is also associated with the qualities of character, build, health. In the countries of the East they say: - "Do not buy a red horse, sell a black one, take care of a white horse, riding a bay."

Kinkaju animal. Habitat and Kinkaju lifestyle

His name is also a honey bear. In fact, the kinkaju is raccoon. The animal was nicknamed Honey because of its addiction to nectar. Another animal is called a chain tail. It’s hard for kinkajou to stay on the trees alone. The animal moves along the trunks, clinging to them and branches by the tail. However, sometimes kinkajou moves to the private possessions of people.