Types of grasshoppers. Description, names, features and photos of species of grasshoppers

The appearance of a grasshopper is familiar to many. This is an insect with an elongated torso and a neck attached to it without special signs, a small head, most often elongated and narrowed from below, flattened laterally, or spherical. These insects have a gnawing type, strong jaws. Their oval organs of vision are constructed from facets, representing an optical system with a thin and complex device.

Beetle dung beetle insect. Description, features, species, lifestyle and habitat of dung beetle

A driller or a dung beetle is one of the insects to which a person has developed an ambiguous attitude. Some consider it a dangerous pest, others - an assistant and even a benefactor of agriculture. What kind of creature is this, and what does it actually do more good or harm? Description and features The dung beetles are representatives of the coleoptera order, belong to the lamellar family, and are part of the large subfamily of excavators.

Locust insect. Description, features, lifestyle and locust habitat

Locusts are considered not a very distant cousin of pretty grasshoppers. However, the damage caused by their accumulated clusters is enormous in scale. Bare gardens, gnawed at the root of the field of grain crops, devastated plantations - the final result after visiting their gluttonous herd. Description and features Nature awarded locusts with an elongated trunk and six limbs, of which two pairs - short and weak, one (rear) - stronger and much longer.

Scarab beetle insect. Description, features, lifestyle and habitat of the scarab

The scarab beetle is associated with Egyptian culture, pharaohs, pyramid riddles and scary mummies. Its symbolism has been used by eastern peoples since ancient times, when it was believed that the wearing of an amulet in the form of an insect protects against all misfortunes. The scarab attracts interest in itself not only as a totemic animal, but also as part of wildlife with its own characteristics of behavior and lifestyle.

Stag beetle insect. Description, features, species, behavior and habitat of the stag beetle

Description and features This bug can impress at a glance. First of all, it impresses with a strong physique and extraordinary size. Instances of individual subspecies are able to boast a length of more than 9 cm. In addition, a very prominent part of this insect is a pair of polished brown, sometimes with a reddish tinge of mandibles, that is, the upper mouth jaws, giving the entire face of the giant a very original, almost fantastic look.

Beetle barbel insect. Description, features, species, lifestyle and habitat of the barbel beetle

The barbel beetle or lumberjack is a large and widespread family of beetles. A characteristic feature of this species is a huge mustache, several times longer than the body. They are classified as follows: arthropod insects coleoptera barbel. Entomological collectors love these beetles very much for their diversity in body size, elytra shape, various sculptural outgrowths, tubercles and spikes on elytra, and a wide range of colors.

Cabbage butterfly insect. Description, features, types and photos of cabbage

Cabbage butterfly is a common and recognizable insect. Waking up in the spring among the first, she seems a charming and carefree creature. However, gardeners and farmers, who are usually happy with the awakening of insects, this beautiful and delicate butterfly does not cause delight. It is even considered one of the most dangerous pests, and by all means try to get rid of it.

Orchid Mantis insect. Description, features, lifestyle and habitat of the mantis

Orchid mantis is an insect that got its original name due to its resemblance to an orchid. From far away, this subspecies of the mantis can be confused with the bud of an orchid. Mantis, due to its individual characteristics, is rather unusual and surprisingly beautiful insects. Depending on the species, they have the ability to disguise themselves as objects and plants among which they live.

Rider insect. Description, features, species, lifestyle and habitat of the rider

Description and features People for the most part do not like insects and treat them with arrogant disgust. Of course, in comparison with us, highly developed inhabitants of the planet, at first glance they seem primitive, unpleasant, often annoying, sometimes even frankly disgusting. But still, the world of insects is a whole universe of amazing creatures worthy of the pen of a science fiction writer.

Ground beetle insect. Description, features, species, lifestyle and habitat of ground beetle

In the forest, in the summer cottage or in the park, various kinds of insects are often found. Especially beetles, most of which can be attributed to one family - ground beetle. Description and features The world knows more than 40 thousand species of this beetle. In Russia there are more than three thousand species. They belong to the same species, but have significant differences among themselves: in color, size, sometimes in external structure.