Bird Korolev. Description, features, species, lifestyle and habitat of the king

The smallest bird in Eurasia and North America. The yellow stripe on the head caused people to associate with the crown. The size and appearance do not allow the bird to be called a king. Therefore, the singing baby received the name Korolek. The scientific name of the genus is Regulus, which means knight, king. Description and Features The king has three elements that emphasize individuality.

Lentil bird. Description, features, species, lifestyle and habitat of lentils

A huge variety of birds inhabit our Earth, many species of birds live in Russia. Scientists have put a lot of work into the description of these representatives of the fauna, as well as in the study of their life.One of the outstanding ornithologists of Russia can be called Sergei Alexandrovich Buturlin (1872-1938), thanks to which we met many interesting specimens.

Greenfinch bird. Description, features, species, lifestyle and habitat of greenfinch

Spring revival of nature is impossible to imagine without sonorous trills of modest birds, the size of a large sparrow. Greenfinch bird attracts with bright plumage, fervent singing. It is no coincidence that the birds were called forest canaries. Description and features The unusual appearance gave the name to the species of birds. The plumage of greenfinch is saturated yellow-green with olive tint.

Kookaburra bird. Description, features, species, lifestyle and habitat of Kookaburra

Description and Features Of the continents inhabited today, Australia was discovered later than others. This is a small southern mainland, isolated for millions of years from other parts of the land. And therefore the fauna of those places is famous for its uniqueness and uniqueness. But when the Europeans began to develop these territories, all of the unusual creatures of those distant uncharted lands, most of all they drew attention to the wonderful jumping kangaroos and other numerous marsupials, as well as to the original bird, which was later nicknamed Kookaburra.

Slava bird. Description, features, species, lifestyle and habitat

Among the many songbirds, one can distinguish a modest and inconspicuous bird in appearance. This her voice reminds us of the summer in the village, of fresh milk, of thickets of reeds, where we so loved to hide with friends. The voice of glory is the voice of our sunny childhood. The glory is included in the suborder of passerines as part of a large and diverse family of glorious.

Frigate bird. Description, features, species, lifestyle and habitat of frigates

Once upon a time sailors sailing in hot countries could understand without instruments that they had reached the tropics. It was enough to see a bird beautifully floating in the air, which was called the "sea eagle" or "son of the sun." It was known that this bird is a harbinger of a hot tropical belt. He was a frigate, a seabird, able to maneuver so easily in the sky as a ship of the same name in the open sea.

Predator birds. Description, names, types and photos of birds of prey

Feathered hunters, united by common signs to capture the victim, are classified as predators. Everyone has sharp vision, a powerful beak, claws. Birds of prey inhabit all continents except Antarctica. In taxonomy, they do not form a taxonomic group, but are always distinguished on the basis of a attribute uniting them - the ability to conduct air attacks on mammals and birds.

Stilt bird. Description, features, species, lifestyle and habitat of the stilt

The classification of birds is sometimes difficult to understand because of their diversity. For example, the well-known sandpiper is not one specific bird, but a whole suborder of aquatic and near-water birds of the Charadriiformes family. One of the traditional representatives of waders is the long-legged sandpiper stilt. It stands out among others as flexible as a whalebone, with its beak, long legs, and wings extending beyond the ends of the straight tail.

Squadron bird. Description, features, species, lifestyle and habitat of the quail

Description and features Sparrowhawk - a predatory bird, refers to the species of hawk. It is endowed with characteristic external features that distinguish it among its own kind: Size smaller, wings wider and shorter tail longer. The size of the males is equal to the size of the pigeon, and the females are slightly smaller than the crow. This species is widely distributed and studied among representatives of this family.