The Kwolls are back in Australia, 50 years later

The speckled marten marten (quoll) reappeared on mainland Australia, 50 years after its disappearance. Now a rare animal can be found in the capital district, where the marsupial marten migrated from the island of Tasmania.

Professor Adrian Mayning said that this is the first relocation of the corolla in Australia, occurring "naturally." He also added that the goal of Australian University biologists is to not only support healthy and variable reproduction of speckled martens, but also to conduct research to find all possible ways to improve the lives of these animals in mainland Australia. Simply put, the scientists ’task is to make the quolls comfortable and safe to live in their native land.

The Kwolls returned to the continent.

Once upon a time, angles were widespread in Southeast Australia. Their weight was up to 1.3 kg and they ate insects, fruits and carcasses of animals.

Their extinction is closely related to the loss of habitats, breeding predators such as foxes and cats, the emergence of various diseases, as well as targeted destruction by humans. All speckled martens discovered by scientists were equipped with radio collars.

Manning hopes that the experiment will help resolve the protracted debate about which individuals are more successful in creating new populations: captive or wild.

Watch the video: Video 365 - Simpson Desert-Approdinna Attora Knolls to the French Line (February 2020).

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