In America, appeared his grandfather Mazai

Everyone knows the hero of Russian literature named "Grandfather Mazay". This elderly man became famous for saving rabbits from flooding. Now his modern "double" is in the United States, only this hero is not literary, but quite real.

Moreover, the "American Mazai" does not act alone, but with his brother, who has the same love for animals.

The video with the American grandfather Mazay is gaining popularity on the net.

You can verify this if you watch a video recently posted on the Internet. On it, Frankie Williams, 26 years old and his brother, who live in the state of Mississippi, save possums from flooding. The video shows how skillfully the brothers pull out floundering animals from the water, grabbing them by the tail and putting them in a boat. No particular outrage from the possums was noticed. This video is becoming more and more popular day by day.

Unfortunately, not all animals have their own grandfather, Mazai: heavy rains flooded most of the southern states of America, including the Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana. As a result, a huge number of animals die.


Watch the video: Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa - Official Trailer (February 2020).

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