A rare lizard found in the Moscow region

In the Orekhovo-Zuevsky district of the Moscow Region, a legless lizard settled where it had never met before. In light of the fact that this animal is listed in the Red Book of Moscow Region, it can be assumed that the environmental situation in this area has improved.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Ecology of Moscow Region, in the territory of the created state nature reserve "Aryushina Gora" biologists discovered a fragile spindle tree. This little-known creepy-looking reptile looks more like no small snake. Its length is 45-50 centimeters of which about 30-35 cm falls on a very flexible tail.

In Moscow suburbs they found a fragile spindle.

Previously, this lizard was not observed in this area, but since the reptile migrates, it means that somewhere nearby there is a population of these animals. The spindle-tree will not be sent anywhere, and it will remain to live in the same places where it was discovered. And since one of the tasks facing the Ministry of Ecology is to monitor rare species of animals and plants, now the lizard will be closely watched.

The size of the reptile is very small and it can even fit in the palm of your hand.

According to the Ministry of Ecology, the fragile spindle lives mainly in the forests and forest-steppes of Eurasia. In addition, it can be found in North Africa. In the suburbs, it is very rare and isolated individuals in separate areas throughout the territory.

Since the body of the lizard is cast in bronze, it is often mistaken for a snake copperhead.

People popularly say that the fragile spindle-tree is called a “copperpick” for its scales casting in bronze of a grayish color. But since there is no clear transition between the body and tail of the reptile, this lizard is often mistaken for a snake.

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