A teenager from the Saratov region was attacked by a lion

It became known that on April 24 in Engels (Saratov Region) a teenager was attacked by a large predator. Presumably it was a lion.

On the evening of April 24, a 15-year-old boy was taken to a local hospital. As a police spokesman said, his hips, buttocks and wrist were damaged. Judging by the tracks, the bite became the cause of the damage. It soon became clear that the student was attacked on the street by a lion, which belongs to one of the local residents - None Yeroyan, 29 years old.

In the Saratov region, a lion cub attacked a schoolboy.

The incident occurred right in the middle of one of the central streets of the city. Now the police are checking and finding out how the lion appeared in the city streets, to whom it belongs and what provoked his attack. From the media it is known that in the autumn of last year in one of Engels's private houses kept a lion cub, which caused public discontent.

The attack of a lioness on a child has not yet been officially confirmed.

The residents were worried that the lion cub was walking right on the street. True, on a leash and accompanied by a man.

According to the owner of the animal, her pet could not harm the boy. Local residents themselves escalate the tense atmosphere and always blame the lioness for everything. According to Nona, she often has to listen to telephone messages in which she is informed that a lioness attacked someone. Sometimes they even knock on her at night, claiming that the animal is eating someone, while it sleeps quietly in the apartment. Mrs. Yeroyan claims that although the lioness walks around the city, she behaves calmly.

Representatives of the police claim that they do not have sufficient authority to prohibit the keeping of wild animals. In addition, the lion cub has all the necessary documents and is vaccinated.

Local residents are not enthusiastic about the fact that such a pet is walking on the street.

Now the boy’s condition is good and does not inspire any fears. According to the representative of the regional Ministry of Health, Alexander Kolokolov, the lion did not bite the boy, but simply scratched. In any case, they were not so significant that the boy should be hospitalized. Therefore, doctors only treated his wounds, after which the teenager was taken home by his parents.

I wonder what the owners of the lioness will do when it reaches about this size.

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