Feed Go! (GO!) For cats

There is no consensus among consumers and experts about cat foods known as the Gow brand! Natural (GO! NATURAL Holistic). Perhaps this is due to the variety of products produced in different composition / consistency, as well as with cases of falsification.

What class does it belong to?

These are holistic products with innovative feline dietary principles.. The developers proceed from the habits of wild animals eating raw meat, which is why they minimize its heat treatment. The new technology also preserves the beneficial properties of the remaining ingredients introduced into the feed.

They fall under the category of Human Grade, that is, they can serve as edible not only animals, but also humans (if such a need arises). In feeds marked "holivik" sources of nutrients (fats, proteins and carbohydrates) are always spelled out in detail, and separately - the names of animal fats. In addition, it clearly indicates which types of meat were used, for example, turkey, trout, beef, duck, salmon, chicken or others.

Description of feed GO! NATURAL Holistic

This is a balanced holistic product, created taking into account the rules of a healthy diet. Only fresh plant / meat ingredients grown on Canadian farms are included. Feed Go! (GO!) Is produced using advanced technologies that maintain its high calorie content due to its high concentration of nutrients (including animal proteins and fats).

Important! GO! NATURAL Holistic is designed for daily feeding, as it does not contain hormones, offal, GMOs and dyes.

The source of animal proteins are different types of meat, which guarantee increased energy value with a small amount of feed. But the products are addressed not only to energetic, but also to weakened / ill cats.


PETCUREAN, a company that produces feed under the Go !, brand, as well as Summit and Now, is located in Canada (Ontario) and has a history dating back to 1999. The company considers its main mission the production of feed from fresh meat and plants undergoing minimal processing and grown on farms with a high ecological culture. The quality and safety of feeds are also ensured with the help of sanitary standards adopted at production. So, all equipment during planned breaks is subjected to sanitization. To control the quality of feed at each production site are called on protocols that all workers follow.

The factories of the company received certificates:

  • European quality (EU);
  • Canadian Product Quality Control Agency (CFIA);
  • Drug and Food Administration (FDA).

External control (independent audits) is carried out by two third-party organizations that check the food included in the human diet. This is the American Food Institute and NSF Cook & Thurber. Petcurean employees also monitor the ingredients they supply.

Important! The analysis is designed to identify nutritional value, the presence / absence of zearalenone and aflatoxin, the level of humidity and not only. To determine the percentage of proteins, fats and moisture, infrared radiation is used.

Products are tested at every stage of preparation, based on standards approved by the Canadian Department of Health. The food is checked for infection with enterobacteria (Escherichia coli and Salmonella). Samples of manufactured and tested products are stored at the PETCUREAN headquarters. In addition, the company regularly updates feed quality control protocols.


Under the brand name GO! NATURAL Holistic presents 3 formulations for 4 types of dry food and one formulation for 3 variants of wet food.


This is a protein-rich product, with animal proteins in its first six positions. Food is indicated for daily nutrition of animals.


Recommended for kittens and adult cats with special sensitivity to food irritants, as well as their intolerance. Under this name, the consumer is familiar with 2 varieties of food (with trout / salmon and duck), rich in proteins and omega 3, 6 acids.


Here, a whole-grain formulation is applied in accordance with the formula "All stages of life", which involves the inclusion of high-quality proteins. The food takes into account the physiological needs of the cat and can be used daily.

Important! All the ingredients of GO! including meat, cereals, fruits / vegetables, grow close to the company's plants, usually on local farms. Proximity to agricultural producers guarantees the freshness of raw materials and the shortest time of its delivery.

GO! NATURAL Holistic canned food

In 2017, Petcurean mastered the production of a new, wet holistic class product, and by the end of the year it was seen on Russian shelves. The product is presented as absolutely grainless and is produced in 3 versions (with chicken, turkey, as well as in a chicken / turkey / duck mix).

Gow feed composition!

The composition is indicated in detail on the packaging. Consider the benefits of each feed and the most interesting (in terms of feline health) ingredients.

GO! FIT + FREE for cats / kittens - 4 types of meat (chicken, duck, turkey and salmon)

This grain-free feed contains no dyes and meat components (including offal) grown on hormones, but there are:

  • taurine - for vision and normal heart function;
  • omega oils - for healthy skin and coat;
  • probiotics / prebiotics - for proper digestion;
  • docosahexaenoic and eicosapentaenoic acids - for the brain and acute vision;
  • antioxidants - for the formation of immunity.

There are exactly as many carbohydrates in this feed as you need to maintain the cat’s excellent physical condition.

GO! Sensitivity + Shine for cats / kittens with sensitive digestion (trout and salmon)

Also a completely grainless product, characterized by a small granule size, which is convenient for growing cats. The food was created taking into account the "River Water Formula" and contains fresh pulp of freshwater trout, herring and salmon with vegetable additives (pumpkin / potato / spinach). Salmon and trout omega oils are responsible for the health of the skin and coat. Taurine, antioxidants, probiotics / prebiotics are present in this feed, but there is no meat grown on hormones, as well as offal and dyes.

GO! Sensitivity + Shine ™ for cats / kittens with delicate digestion (with duck)

It was released as an addition to the previous line and differs from it by the main protein ingredient, in the role of which is fresh duck meat. It is also recommended for animals with delicate digestion, allergies, and cats with long hair.

GO! DAILY DEFENSE for cats / kittens (chicken, fruits and vegetables)

The base of the holistic feed was fresh Canadian chicken fillet, salmon and a small amount of vegetables. It is recognized as a product that provides energy for every day, which is provided by complex carbohydrates. Enriched with omega oils, antioxidants and amino acids (including taurine), supporting the functions of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system and central nervous system. There are no dyes and meat / offal with hormonal additives in the feed. Small granules will appeal to most cats.

GO! NATURAL Holistic canned grainless

Under this name, 3 types of pastes are sold with the same recipe, but with several meat components - chicken, turkey and chicken / turkey / duck. This is a balanced food, enriched with vitamin and mineral supplements, taurine for visual acuity and normal functioning of the heart muscle. Canned foods contain natural ingredients and are free from flavors, preservatives, growth hormones and offal.

The smell / taste of the vegetable broth giving the paste the desired consistency attracts the animal, positively affecting its olfactory receptors. Owners of cats appreciated such an element as the hood of a yucca shidiger, due to which cats urine and feces lose their unpleasant sharpness.

The cost of feed Go! Natural

This brand, of course, has its own style that attracts customer views. Vibrant packaging colors with contrasting black and white photographs are enhanced by the appeal of GO! translatable as "Forward!" or "Come on!". Like any holistic products, these feeds are very expensive.

GO! NATURAL Holistic "4 types of meat: chicken, turkey, duck and salmon"

  • 7.26 kg - 3 425 rubles;
  • 3.63 kg - 2 205 rubles;
  • 1.82 kg - 1 645 rubles;
  • 230 g - 225 rubles.

GO! NATURAL Holistic for cats / kittens with sensitive digestion (fresh duck)

  • 7.26 kg - 3,780 rubles;
  • 3.63 kg - 2 450 rubles;
  • 1.82 kg - 1,460 rubles;
  • 230 g - 235 rubles.

GO! NATURAL Holistic for cats / kittens with sensitive digestion (trout and salmon)

  • 7.26 kg - 3,500 rubles;
  • 3.63 kg - 2,240 rubles;
  • 1.82 kg - 1,700 rubles.

GO! NATURAL Holistic for cats / kittens (chicken, fruits and vegetables)

  • 7.26 kg - 3,235 rubles;
  • 3.63 kg - 2 055 rubles;
  • 1.82 kg - 1 380 rubles;
  • 230 g - 225 rubles.

GO! NATURAL Holistic grainless canned food

  • 100 g - 120 rubles.

Owner reviews

A lot of people, attracted by the shy name, bought Go! Food, but later they became disappointed in it. After opening the bag, it became clear that the sources of omega-3/6 (trout and salmon) exuded a fragrance that scares even unpretentious street cats. To go! did not disappear, it had to be mixed with approved feed.

It will also be interesting:

Those who chose GO Natural holistic 4 meats for their pets were unhappy with too small pellets. Because of their small size, cats do not gnaw, but swallow them, which is bad for the teeth (which do not feel the proper load) and for digestion. In addition, hungry animals swallow more food than is necessary for satiety, and this is a sure way to obesity.

It is interesting!Many owners noted that about 3 months after using GO Natural holistic, cats began to lose hair more intensively than with seasonal molting. After a visit to the veterinarian and a change in feed, unplanned hair loss ceased.

Someone took more time (up to six months) to notice the negative changes in the health of cats, transferred to the products of Go Natural holistic (GO Natural holistic). Moreover, outwardly the animals looked fine (their hair shone), but alarming symptoms appeared, including vomiting. In the veterinary clinic, it became clear that the pancreas increased in the pets, possibly due to the high concentration of protein in the feed.

But there are opposing opinions about GO Natural holistic, which even sterilized cats have been translated into. As the unconditional advantages of the feed, its taste, smell and size of croquettes are noted. Cats eat go! with pleasure and for quite a long time, sufficient to realize its benefits.

Owners claim that for a year or more after starting to use GO Natural holistic animals become more active, they do not have gastrointestinal upset, and the hair is shiny. In this case, only its price is called a lack of feed, which, however, does not interfere with regularly replenishing its supply.

Expert opinion

In the Russian cat food ranking, products under the GO! occupies far from first positions. The highest number of points (33 out of 55 possible) scored dry food GO! Sensitivity + Shine Cat Duck Grain Free.


There are no cereals and gluten in this diet, which is confirmed by the marking "Grain + Gluten Free" on the pack. Another designation on the label ("with fresh duck") was called into question by experts.

In second place is "dehydrated duck meat", which in reality looks like duck flour and is recognized as a marketing move. Third place is given to egg powder: here it is considered a complete source of animal protein, which is somewhat unusual.

Plant components

Under points No. 4 and No. 5 peas and pea fiber are indicated. Legumes in cereal-free products often replace cereals, and here peas serve as a supplier of vegetable protein. Experts are confused by the increased amount of pea fiber acting as ballast, which is not shown to cats. In place No. 6, tapioca is located, almost entirely consisting of starch, and cats also do not need a lot of carbohydrates.

Fat and healthy supplements

Decent components of the feed are called chicken fat with tocopherol and flaxseed. Dry chicory root (source of inulin) and 2 types of probiotic microorganisms (dried) are recognized as useful for digestion.

Advantages and disadvantages

On the plus side of GO! Sensitivity + Shine classified raw fillet and duck flour, as well as the right sources of fat. The disadvantages include marketing gimmicks, an overdose of fiber, the presence of flavoring and phosphoric acid. It is considered an antioxidant, acidity regulator (albeit controversial) and a preservative, which is not approved by all experts.

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