The nature of Kalmykia

Kalmykia is located in the southeastern part of Russia, lies in the zone of steppes, deserts and semi-deserts. The territory is located in the south of the East European Plain. Most part is occupied by the Caspian lowland. The western part is the Ergenin Upland. There are several rivers, estuaries and lakes in the republic, among which the largest is lake. Manych-Gudilo.

The climate of Kalmykia is not uniform: the continental changes into sharply continental. Summer is hot, with a maximum reaching +44 degrees Celsius, although the average temperature is +22 degrees. In winter, there is little snow, there is both minus -8 and plus +3 degrees. The minimum of the northern regions is -35 degrees Celsius. As for precipitation, about 200-300 mm of precipitation falls annually.

Flora of Kalmykia

The plant world of Kalmykia was formed in harsh conditions. About a thousand species of plants grow here, and about 100 of them are medicinal. Among species of flora, astragalus, dzhuzgun, kokhiya, teresken, wheatgrass, Lessing feather, growing yarrow, fescue, Austrian wormwood, Siberian grain, fescue grow in the republic. Various weeds are found here, such as ragweed plants.




Disappearing plants of Kalmykia

  • tulip Shrenka;
  • feather grass;
  • licorice naked;
  • Cyberia Bieberchnein;
  • Korzhinsky licorice;
  • killer whale dwarf;
  • crimson vivacity;
  • -Belvadia is Sarmatian.

Tulip Shrenka

Korzhinsky licorice

Belvadia is Sarmatian

Fauna of Kalmykia

In Kalmykia, numerical populations of jerboas, hedgehogs, brown hares, and ground squirrels live. Among the predators there are raccoon dogs and wolves, foxes and Korsaks, ferrets, wild boars, Kalmyk camels and steppe saiga antelopes.


Kalmyk camel

Saiga antelope

The bird world is represented by larks and pink pelicans, eagles mounds and gulls, herons and swans, geese and burial grounds, white-tailed eagles and ducks.

Pink pelican


Burial ground

Reservoirs of the republic are full of populations of catfish, pike, perch, crucian carp, roach, bream, common carp, sturgeon, zander, herring.




The rich fauna of Kalmykia is influenced by people, including because hunting for waterfowl and fur animals is allowed here. In order to preserve the nature of the republic, the Black Lands reserve, a natural park, as well as several nature reserves and reserves of republican and federal significance were created here. These are the Sarpinsky, Harbinsky, Sea Biryuchok, Zunda, Lesnoy, Tinguta and others wildlife sanctuaries.

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