The most unusual animals of the world: exotic fauna in all its glory

Choosing a picnic on the weekend or organizing a hike in the mountains, a person is in direct contact with various representatives of the animal world.

Watching a nimble squirrel, a careful snake or a hardworking bee is always very entertaining. But these animals are found all the time, and yet on Earth there are a huge number of animals that are not found so easily.

The most unusual animals in the world.

Nature is very rich in imagination and does not cease to amaze with new unusual rare species - the most unusual animals in the world.

There are a number of the most interesting representatives who are among the exotic, for their unusual body shape and its unusual use.

Some representatives of the exotic wildlife:

Bald Wakari.

A monkey with a bright red face, which bears a funny name - bald wakari. According to scientists, this kind of coloring is a fact of the presence of unusual pigmentation, due to which the red color of blood vessels is visible through the skin. But this is a big drawback, as the monkey becomes more noticeable to predators.

Giraffe beetle is an unusual creature of our planet.

The beetle with an unusually long neck was called a giraffe. The habitat of this insect is mainly in Madagascar. Such a seemingly uncomfortable feature should interfere. But a beetle without it is absolutely defenseless, since males protect themselves from other males with the help of it.

Rinopithecus Striker (she is also a Burmese snub-nosed monkey).

A monkey with a strange, funny nose is called a Burmese snub-nosed monkey. This primate was discovered recently in Myanmar (Burma). To swim in ponds, the monkey is forced to twist its nose into a ball, because due to the large nostrils, water easily falls into the nose and makes the monkey sneeze heavily.

Ice fish.

The coast of Antarctica is inhabited by very unusual organisms, which are called icefish. Perhaps this was served by the absolute transparency of their bodies due to the lack of hemoglobin in the blood. Therefore, she breathes not through the gills, but by absorbing oxygen through the skin. Also, the fish has large, very sharp fangs.

Giant eel.

Due to its unusually large size, such an interesting animal as a large eel is ascribed to this list. It is also called the giant eel. It lives in the very depths of the ocean. It is considered exotic because at great depths, laid eggs do not always survive to hatch offspring. For hunting, eel uses luminous balls on its tail. He swallows attracted prey with an unusually large mouth. Aging, acne gradually loses its teeth, but its olfactory sensors acquire greater sensitivity, which compensates for the loss of teeth.

Hummingbird butterfly.

The moth, similar in appearance to a hummingbird, was called a hummingbird butterfly, in another language. Its habitats are common in southern Europe and Asia. Like hummingbirds, this butterfly uses its proboscis to collect nectars from flowers. But her trunk expands when sucking nectar. The wings are able to move as fast as that of a hummingbird.

Tree flying frog.

A rare species of frogs living on trees and descending to the ground only for breeding offspring learned the name of a flying frog. Between her fingers there are membranous membranes, which she uses as a parachute. This behavior is necessary to avoid the attack of predators. The longest jump made by such a frog was about 15 meters.

Salps are underwater lights.

A bunch of small organisms that live interconnected and form another larger animal are called salps. The creature looks similar to a jellyfish and lives off the coast of California. But it is not a jellyfish at all. This is a bunching plankton, which, unlike real jellyfish, is absolutely safe for humans.

The purple frog is an unusual animal on planet Earth.

A purple Indian frog (in other words, a purple frog) with an unusually thick body and a ridiculous pig-like muzzle also got to our list of exotic inhabitants of the planet. She is born just like simple frogs - from tadpoles. But already at this stage, a hooked pig-like nose appears, for which the frog got its name.

Carpet Octopus.

Along the shores of New Zealand and Australia there is no less rare carpet octopus than the ones described above. Unlike large eel, it lives in shallow water. He is also called the superman octopus. With his so-called carpet and many other tricks, he earns his own food.

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