Australian Shepherd - not at all from Australia

Despite the speaking name of the breed - the Australian Shepherd, it was bred not at all on the Green Continent, as is commonly believed, but in the United States.

The Australian Shepherd is an excellent service dog, she deserves to talk about her separately. From the history of the breed, we know that the ancestors of these dogs were: Pyrenean Shepherd and Collie. It is worth noting that, among other dog breeds, the Australian Shepherd is very young.

It began only in the 20th century. Dogs of this type were used as labor, their main duty at that time was the shepherd’s business. They helped herders to keep cattle safe.

Australian Shepherd.

This may seem surprising, but the dogs of this breed were even used to guard the poultry on the farm. They were appreciated for playfulness, tireless character and endurance, as well as for their natural mind. All these qualities have made it possible to introduce the Australian Shepherd to such types of services as saving people and protecting their homes.

The Australian Shepherd has an unusual color.

I would like to once again separately note the intelligence of these dogs, they have an excellent memory, which favorably affects the training and education of the dog, because, having heard the command once, the Australian shepherd will remember her forever!

Australian Shepherd Puppy.

Despite the good nature and complaisance in relation to their owners and their households, the Australian Shepherd does not favor strangers at all. As a manifestation of hostility to strangers, the dog can slightly bite the "guests" on its legs. As for the attitude towards children, the Australian Shepherd shows all his natural kindness and care in this. In addition, this dog gets along well with other pets, if any, in your home.

These dogs are incredibly loyal to their owner, in case of danger, they will protect him with all their inherent courage.

Dogs of this breed are incredibly brave and loyal.

About caring for an Australian Shepherd ... The hair of these dogs requires careful and regular care: it must be combed to keep clean and to prevent the spread of parasites. After walking, it is recommended that you wipe your Australian Shepherd's ears and paws with a damp towel.

It is necessary to feed a dog of this breed with a balanced feed. The activity of the Australian Shepherd requires constant replenishment of the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals, so that your dog is healthy and always alert.

Lovely charm.

In terms of size, the Australian Shepherd is an average dog: its height is up to 58 centimeters, and its weight is up to 32 kilograms. The coat of dogs of this breed is long; there can be any colors. The color of the coat of the Australian Shepherd consists of several shades. The most popular colors today are marble blue and marble red.

In our country, dogs of this breed are not very popular, but nothing bad can be said about them - Australian shepherds are great for a large and friendly family, do not even doubt it! But do not forget that these dogs need regular walks and physical activity, so it is better to get this dog if you live in a private house. Without regular activity, your pet can begin to mope and eventually become seriously ill!

The Australian Shepherd is an unusually smart dog.

Well, if you create all the conditions for the active life of your Australian Shepherd and surround her with love, then she will answer you with a long and faithful service, as well as unlimited devotion.

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