Discovered a new species of dinosaur, which turned out to be a "super-sniffer"

The stunning discovery was made by Dr. Paleontologist from the University of Pennsylvania, Stephen Jasinski.

According to Dr. Jasinski himself, he looked through the collection of the State Museum in Pennsylvania and accidentally turned his eyes to one sample: "As soon as I saw this copy, I immediately thought that it was not just the remains of an ordinary dinosaur, it was something more."

The dinosaur from the Dromaeosauridae family was a super-sniffer. Illustrated: two representatives of Saurornitholestes sullivani attack a larger dinosaur.

As previously assumed, the dinosaur remains corresponded to the species Saurornitholestes langstoni, a member of the Dromaeosauridae family. Dromaeosaurids are considered to be predators, due to the prominent representative of the family - the bicycle therapist.

The sample is a rather large fragment of a dinosaur skull, the so-called olfactory bulb. Consequently, Dr. Jasinski suggests that such an animal could have an unrivaled scent.

Most likely, the "sharp" scent of the dinosaur allowed him to hunt without problems even in the dark, and served as a kind of assistant in communicating predators with each other: dinosaurs determined the pheromones of the partners that stood out, and thus distinguished representatives of a kind from other groups.

Dr. Jasinski compared the fossil to other “dromaeosaurs” using a holotype sample. Such a model acts as a dictionary, agreed by scientists around the world, and defining the types of the oldest inhabitants of the planet. The researcher compared a fragment of the skull with alleged specimens from the western United States, Canada, Mongolia, China, and Europe, but "his" fossil was unique. Based on these findings, the doctor confidently stated that he had found something completely new: Saurornitholestes sullivani.

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