100 thousand dollars for parrots: testament of a millionaire from New York became world news

This summer, a very rich woman passed away in New York. Her condition was estimated at 5 million 300 thousand dollars, 100 thousand of which the millionaire bequeathed to her parrots.

Before the woman's death, she was in charge of 32 Australian parrots. To prevent the birds from being left without shelter and food, Leslie Ann Mandel decided to indicate her favorite birds in the will as a separate paragraph. Without realizing it, parrots have become one of the richest animals in the world.

Testament for parrots.

In addition to 100 thousand for the maintenance of parrots, the deceased indicated in her will that the birds were left to live in the very cage in which they were during her lifetime (by the way, the "house" for parrots costs as much as 4 million dollars).

Leslie Ann Mandel’s pet care responsibilities will fall on her stepson, who has yet to keep an eye on the cat and dog of the deceased millionaire.

From the biography of the woman it is known that she managed to accumulate such a state by running some kind of fundraising company. The millionaire died at the age of 69.

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