Water goats - animals with beautiful horns

Water goats live in Africa. Their habitat is located south of the Sahara. Water goats live on the edges of forests, in the savannahs, on the plains, hills and marshes. There are 5 species of water goats.

The appearance of water goats

Water goats have medium or small sizes: the body length ranges from 125 - 220 cm, the height at the withers is 70-130 cm, and the weight varies from 50 to 250 kg.

Males are much larger than females. The build of water goats can be both light and heavy. In the scruff, the torso is slightly lower than in the sacrum. The head is large. At the tip of the muzzle is a medium or large area without hair. Ears of medium length, rounded or pointed. The eyes are large. The legs are thin on the tip of the tail has a brush of long hair.

Water Goat (Reduncinae).

The length of the horns is from 30 to 100 centimeters. The shape of the horns is straight or lyre-shaped. At the base of the horns diverge towards each other at an angle, heading back and up. The tips of the horns bend S-shaped. They are rounded across. The color of hooves is from gray-brown to black-brown.

Coat is low or medium height, coarse. There is a mane on the neck. The color of the back is yellow-gray, gray-brown, black-gray, brown-black, brown-red or almost black. As a rule, the sides are lighter than the back.

The outer part of the legs is decorated with longitudinal black or brown stripes. The areas around the eyes, lips, chin, base of the ears and the ring near the nose are white.

All species of water goats have long hair, which makes an impression of shaggy.

Water goat lifestyle

Water goats are most often kept in small groups, which include the male, female and young. They are active in the mornings, evenings and nights. These goats can swim perfectly.

Their diet consists of grassy aquatic and terrestrial plants. In addition, they eat leaves and shoots of shrubs.

As a rule, the breeding period of water goats is not confined to a specific season. Males during the mating season occupy small areas that guard.

The gestation period is 8 months. 1 is born, rarely 2, and even less often 3 babies. Puberty in young animals occurs in 1.5 years. Water goats live in the wild for about 12 years, and in captivity their life expectancy can increase to 17 years. Since water goats have beautiful horns, they are hunted.

Water goats are strongly attached to water bodies and are found throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Types of Water Goats

The following types of water goats are distinguished:
• The water goat inhabiting sub-Saharan Africa, as well as living in Somalia and Senegal;
• Puku live in Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania, Zaire and Malawia;
• Kob found in Senegal, Ethiopia, The Gambia;
• Lychees inhabit Angola, Zambia, Botswana, Zaire;
• Nile Lychee lives in Ethiopia and Sudan.

Some researchers distinguish another species - K. defassa Ruppel. Lychees are in the Red Book. This species is small in number and threatens its near extinction.

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