Domain: Eukaryotes Kingdom: Animals Subdomain: Eumetazoi Without rank: Two-sided symmetrical Without rank: Second type: Chordate Subtype: Vertebrate Infratype: Maxillary Group: Fish Group: Bone fish Class: Beaked feathers Subclass: Newfin fish Infraclasses: Bony bones: Protostacia: Bony Squad: Salmonids Family: Salmonids Subfamily: Salmonids Genus: Loach Species: Loach Loach - belongs to the salmon family and forms many different forms, which confuses ichthyologists, t.

Fish Congo - unpretentious inhabitant of the aquarium

After acquiring such a long-awaited aquarium, the next step is to populate it with lovely creatures, namely fish. And one of the brightest representatives of the aquarium “inhabitants” is the Tetra Congo fish. A little timid, but striking in its beauty, it will be a magnificent decoration for any of the aquarists.


Dachshund (Dachshund) - a dog that belongs to the category of hunting breeds popular with dog breeders of our country. According to the size of an adult animal, the classification of the breed includes a division into standard and miniature, as well as rabbit dachshunds. Depending on the length of the dachshund’s coat, smooth-haired, longhaired and wire-haired species are distinguished.

Royal Python (Python regius)

The royal python, many owners of exotic reptiles, is known as the spherical or python-ball. This completely non-toxic and non-aggressive snake belongs to the genus of real pythons, which are widely used in Africa. Description of the royal python Royal pythons are one of the smallest pythons, and the length of an adult, as a rule, does not exceed one and a half meters.

Australian water agama

The Australian Water Agama (Physignathus lesueurii) is a lizard of the Agamidae family, of the genus Agamidae. It lives in eastern Australia from Lake Victoria to Queensland. A small population is also found in southern Australia. Living in nature As the name implies, the water agama is kept in water bodies and is a semi-aquatic species.